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Welcome to the Ajin Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to everything about the Ajin franchise. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We currently have 4,411 edits to 158 articles and 276 images on this wiki.
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Kaito Portrait

Kaito (海斗) is Kei's childhood friend and the only human person in the entire country who makes an effort to help Kei despite the fact he is an Ajin. Kaito is a very loyal and supportive friend. He retains a very positive, determined attitude. He is also very resourceful and though he is not as intelligent as Kei, he is able to make tactical decisions while they were on the run together. He is a young man of average build. He sports a black and blonde undercut with his hair spiked up. His eyes are the same golden color of his hair beneath thick, heavy eyebrows. Read more >>

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