Episode 13
Satō, It's Your Fault Everything's Messed Up



Anta no Sei de Mechakucha da

Japanese Air Date

April 9, 2016



Opening Song

Yoru wa Nemureru kai?

Ending Song


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Mr Keita reports Kei Nagai to the police to claim a reward. Yu Tosaki orders all available forces to the area to catch Kei. When Kei is confronted by the police, he uses his Black Ghost to delay them allowing him to escape into the woods. He uses Ko Nakano’s phone to throw the police off his trail, but Tosaki realizes it's a ruse and closes in. Kei releases Ko and they try to escape together, but they are intercepted by Tosaki who shoots them with tranqilizer darts. Kei manages to invoke his Black Ghost to attack Tosaki, but Izumi Shimomura invokes hers to intercept it. The Black Ghosts battle each other, and it gives time for Kei and Ko to revive and run. Shimomura's Black Ghost pursues them, but much to Tosaki's and Shimomura's surprise, Kei manages to keep on recreating his. The boys manage to escape and Kei finally decides it's time for them to take out Sato, blaming him for the destruction of his peaceful life. Sato makes another public broadcast, announcing a 'Second Wave' action to assassinate 15 people involved in the conspiracy against Ajin, and if there is no improvement in the treatment of Ajin, a 'Third Wave' where he intends to rule the country.


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